We are very grateful for our many wonderful ambassadors around the world, who support and take part in our journey to create a better future for the children of Bangladesh.



“The bike race Race Across America is a great challenge, but nothing compares to the challenges of the many suffering children in Bangladesh. Supporting these children truly makes sense”

– In loving memory of Anders Tesgaard, Cyclist on ultra distances & ambassador for b’fair

“As a b’fair ambassador I want to help the many cheildren in Bangladesh”

– Camilla Pedersen, Triathlon world champion & b’fair ambassador

As a child I collected perfume bottles, and I think that was what gave me the inspiration to draw and create shapes. Now, as an adult, I collect bicycles and it has therefore been a great joy for me to design the b’fair bike and in this way support the children in Bangladesh

– Tobias Jacobsen, Designer of the b’fair bike 1st edition