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The b’fair bike is more than a bike

For every b’fair-bike being sold one year of school and a meal per day are donated to a child in Bangladesh”

Denmark is one of the world’s leading bicycling nations, therefore b’fair group wanted to produce a Danish designed quality bike. Denmark is also a role model for many other countries when it comes to green energy, which is completely in line with b’fair group as it signals health and environmental friendliness.

The b’fair bike 1st edition is designed by architect Tobias Jacobsen (grandson of the Danish architect Arne Jacobsen) and is a unique choice for you as a future bike owner.

We combine high quality and rich aesthetics with environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and humanitarian working conditions in Bangladesh. For every b’fair bike being sold one year of school and a meal per day are donated to a child in Bangladesh. In this way the bike is a lifestyle, a choice and an extraordinary journey towards a better future for the children in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Furthermore, b’fair group supports the Agape Social Concern. An NGO with about 55 schools spread over large parts of Bangladesh. We have good experience with this NGO and thorough knowledge of their great work for the many children who need help with schooling.


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As a child I collected perfume bottles, and I think that was what gave me the inspiration to draw and create shapes. Now, as an adult, I collect bicycles and it has therefore been a great joy for me to design the b’fair-bike and in this way support the children in Bangladesh.” 

– Tobias Jacobsen, designer of the b’fair bike 1st edition