Our ambassadors

We are really proud to be supported by our ambassadors:

Anders Tesgaard, Cyclist on ultra distances
“The bike race ‘Race Across America’ is a great challenge, but nothing compares to the challenges of the many suffering children in Bangladesh. Supporting these children truly makes sense.” (in loving memory)

Camilla Pedersen, Triathlon world champion
“As ambassador for b’fair project, I wish to help the many children in Bangladesh.”

Tobias Jacobsen, Designer of the b’fair bike 1st edition
“As a child I collected perfume bottles, and I think that was what gave me the inspiration to draw and create shapes. Now, as an adult, I collect bicycles and it has therefore been a great joy for me to design the b’fair bike and in this way support the children in Bangladesh.”

Christina Boelskifte, Singer-songwriter
Meet one of our amazing b’fair Ambassadors – the beautiful Christina Boelskifte with both voice and heart of an angel. We are very grateful for Christina’s participation in our journey towards a better future for the children in one of the poorest countries in the world.

Bobby Ricketts, Musician
“B’fair operates on the premise that education is the first step out of poverty. I’m proud of my association with the B’fair brand, a company whose values are completely in sync with my own, as well as my endeavors in various parts of the world, promoting social equity through music.”

Olivia Leonora Halbye, b’fair ambassador
Cool-Cat Viola Leonora Halbye is the newest and youngest addition to our b’fair Ambassador family – and we are thrilled to have her. Viola has an easy-going and straightforward way about her and we absolutely just love to follow all of her adventures on the b’fair bike on Instagram.

Marie Askehave, Danish actress
Danish actress Marie Askehave is one of the kindest, happiest and most heartly people we know. It makes great sense for us to have her as a b’fair Ambassador. We absolutely adore her and her commitment to our cause and the b’fair project.

Nora Sanaya, Danish singer-songwriter
Our b’fair Ambassador with the beautiful curly hair: Nora Sanaya. Nora Sanaya is a Danish singer-songwriter and part of our b’fair Ambassador family. As you can see in the picture, Nora has a great smile and a certain lightness about her – and a fantastic voice. We predict she is going to be a big deal in the music industry.

Ida Marie Nielsen, Danish actress
“Thanks to b’fair group I can now explore the city of Copenhagen again with pollution-free transportation! This bike has given me so much joy already, and I love being able to get around Copenhagen easily. I’m very proud to own a B’fair bike for several reasons. When you buy this beautiful and practical bike you support a year of schooling, and one meal each day, for a child in Bangladesh. The design is very Scandinavian chic and spreads the message of B’fair group: be nice, be human, be there, be united, be fair.”

We are grateful for your support!

If you’d like to become an ambassador, send us an e-mail.