The Story

“Doing business with respect for the individual human being”

It all started with the music…
In 2011 a Danish/Swedish NGO asked Henrik Bach to start some musicschools for children in Bangladesh. The whole project ended with 4 musicschools that are still active today.

Henrik got so fond of the idea that he wanted to continue working with and for the children in Bangladesh. Bangladesh is a country rich on culture, but also a country with more than 160 million people living in an area only three times bigger than Denmark and a large part of the population lives below the extreme poverty level. Education is the first step out of poverty, but too many children have to work all day to survive. As a result more than half of all children in Bangladesh never go to school. 

That is why we have founded b’fair group, a small startup company, and our wish is to develop a solid fairtrade brand, designing products in Denmark all produced in Bangladesh. Already we have the b’fair bike and a wide range of products where a part of the revenue is going to help children to a better start in life through education.

Our vision is to create a sustainable business that are represented on the international market, due to beautiful design, high quality and the attention to CSR.

We want to create comfort for the consumer through actions and transparency.

We follow the UNGP (UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights).


Happy greetings,
Annie & Henrik